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Jedi provides alternatives to Homeschooling in Wisconsin programs and gives users access to a tuition free homeschooling atlernative. Many families are benefiting by getting accredited curriculum and teacher support all for free while accessing the public school system online. Many parents who were once use to the hard work of setting up curriculum and learning lessons, are now seeing the light with a much easier way to do homeschooling in Wisconsin and get top rated support. In Wisconsin, homeschooling students are eligible for the Jedi online classes for free, provided they are residents in Wisconsin; If you have just moved to Wisconsin, you should still be eligible but will have to check with our administrative office.  Wisconsin is a home school leader and we hope you will take a moment and speak with Kim about how we can help you.

Jedi's alternative JEDI is open to everyone in Wisconsin interested in homeschooling alternatives that allow more flexibility. Online classes are offered for Pk-12 and we have a great free demonstration you can register and gain access. To register to get a preview of the fastest growing alternative homeschooling program simply complete the demonstration form below or contact Kim at 1-608-228-1769.  One thing that we love about our homeschooling groups in Wisconsin is, they want their kids moving forward on their education as much as possible.  The Winter School semesters are getting ready to start and it is a great time to contact our student coordinator with questions or to register.  With our online alternatives to homeschooling in Wisconsin programs, the classes and courses offered provide the parents just what they need. They give you the accredited curriculum you need and in a learning portal you can assist with, without being overwhelmed and still have complete control of the environment your child is learning in.  When you click the demo button you will be prompted to answer just 4 basic questions and then a link will emailed to you giving you access to see how our classes for homeschooling K-12 in Wisconsin works.

As the school season comes to start many parents are already beginning to see that homeschooling their children themselves is too overwhelming without help.  If you have been watching the news then you have seen how our organization for home school alternatives is a growing consortium and is being used as a great option for completing K-12.  Many of your grade school students using our homeschooling programs are excelling and doing better than they did in traditional education environments and schools.  In addition to this, many parents are reaping the benefits of having a structure for the learning procedures for their son or daughter.  We believe in finding ways to make education more interactive and providing you with the best k-12 online curriculum available.  If you are interested in an alternative to Wisconsin homeschooling and would like to work with an organization already helping hundreds of students in Wisconsin, then you want to work with us.  First thing we ask anyone to do is to register for a FREE DEOMONSTRATION to let you begin seeing our tutorials and how our classes work.  You can set this up by calling Kim or go to the free demo page.  Homeschooling no longer has to be boring, we use the latest in technology to give you the best alternatives for Wisconsin homeschooling programs available.

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Wisconsin homeschooling has come a long way with several great options, but now the new alternative to homeschooling is taking root.  As our State expands its educational footprint, many parents are choosing new ways to provide K-12 homeschooling for their children.  With busy schedules and new requirements for your child's home schooled education parents want alternatives for homeschooling in Wisconsin that keep up with the rigorous requirements colleges are looking at. By allowing families like yours to access the public schools online you are able to help your child learn from home while accessing accredited cirriculum.

You have made the choice to take charge of your child’s education. Like your choice to select the safest environment for your child, your home, you want to choose the curriculum that best meets his or her learning needs. Jedi's Alternative Home School in Wisconsin offers tuition free curriculum for grades PK- 12.

Your child can learn from the safety of your home with you in control of what he or she studies. Our curriculum is modified to meet the specific needs of each learning group: elementary school, middle school, and high school. We offer personalized attention through our team of teachers, learning coaches, and student service coordinators. Because the material is online, your child can learn from anywhere he or she can access the Internet.

Homeschooling in Wisconsin Alternatives are for full time students in grades PK – 12. We are a non-profit, tuition-free, online, public charter school. Our team approach to your child’s education sets up a successful dynamic where learning can occur. Jedi online school respects that each student learns in his or her own way. By offering a variety of curriculum, we have the ability to find the best course for your student. Our high quality teachers are effective and passionate.

Online Homeschooling Wisconsin School is a full time, online, non-profit, charter school that offers curriculum for grades PK-12. We offer students the opportunity to learn in a personalized, online environment from anywhere they have Internet access creating a alternative to homeschooling in Wisconsin.

Why Online Homeschooling Wisconsin?

  • Tuition free, PK-12 grade online public school
  • Pace charts set to meet your child’s
Let us show you a better way to homeschooling in Wisconsin using the public schools online access. With the JEDI system you will see your child’s education meet standards set to let them succeed in school and life.

Online Public Schools in Wisconsin

As the leading online Public School we are the portal hundreds of students are choosing for their school education. As a leader on K-12 you child who is eligible for public school in your school district in Wisconsin is also able to freely enroll into the online public school for Wisconsin. Let us show you a new way to going to school.

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